Learn French with Hidden Object Games.

Games are great tools for education. They provide motivation to challenge yourself, and allow you to fine-tune your skills in a fun and entertaining way.

This holds true for hidden object games as well. The goal in these games is to use the objects you find to progress and solve a mystery.

At Big Fish we've learned that these games are a big help when practicing and remembering a new language.

We dug through our catalogue, and found a couple of games with stories rooted in French culture. These games will help you practice nouns by finding objects, as you explore French culture, or walk the streets of Paris.

Best of all is that each game can be downloaded and played for the first hour absolutely free. So, you can have fun and learn at the same time! Just watch out you don't get hooked and end up buying the game! :)

Try one of these Hidden Object Games in French:

History mystery

Les Ténèbres de Notre-Dame

Les Ténèbres
de Notre-Dame

The Festival of Fools is in full swing in Paris when the gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral abduct a festivalgoer in plain sight.

What was assumed to be a festival stunt turns out to be something much more foul...

This game is a fantastical reimagination of Victor Hugo’s classic tale.

Travel and explore

Big City Adventure: Paris

Big City Adventure:

Search for cleverly hidden items around the historic sites and collect postcards containing interesting and obscure facts about Paris and its history.

The art is well-made and every scene is loaded with French culture.

Puzzles in Paris

European Mystery: Un Parfum de Mystère

European Mystery:
Un Parfum de Mystère

You’ve barely settled into your retirement in the peaceful French countryside, when you receive an urgent request from Paris.

Young women are disappearing in broad daylight, the authorities are baffled, and the person responsible is still on the loose!

How could any able-bodied detective refuse such a case?

Or explore many other Jeux Objets Cachés in French